Cowboy Jim Brooks - Keeping the West Westerntm

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Western as the sunset, Jim Brooks has followed roundup wagons, chased mustangs, and punched cows pretty much all over the cow country ever since he was a teenager.

He stepped 'cross some of the worst anvil-headed broncs that ever wore hair, throwed thousands of loops - in all kinds of weather - off them same broncs ... and done it all out in the middle of the Big Open, amongst the tall and uncut.

For years - in-between spring and fall roundups - Jim competed in every one of rodeo's "standard" events (bull riding, bareback, saddle bronc, steer wrestling, calf roping, and team roping) - sometimes working all six of 'em at the same contest. For even more fun, he used to also enter some of the "extra" events, such as the Wild Horse race, the Wild "hat fanning" Bronc Ride, Wild Cow Milking, and, up in the Black Hills of South Dakota, he used to get in the wildest event of 'em all: the town of Custer's Buffalo Riding Jackpots.



In his spare time, this puncher has written and illustrated several informative how-to books and put together the only (that we know of!) working cowboy video in the united States, Cowboy Jim, that names and demonstrates - in detail - most of the loops used in the art of humane horse roping.

He's a Gold Card-holding lifetime member of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA), a former member of the California Cutting Horse Association, a current member of the Screen Actors Guild and Western Music Association.

His motto has always been Keeping the West WesternTM - and he makes sure his message stays clear as a bell by constantly writing and composing new ranch music songs and showcasing his big, noisy Ranch Hand Band at clubs, dances, rodeos, riots, hangings, and all other kinds of western get-togethers.